PacificPlan Group has seven companies:
1.PacificPlan Interiors Ltd
2.PacificPlan Project Management Ltd
3.PacificPlan Consultants Ltd
4.PacificPlan (China) Ltd
5.PacificPlan (Macau) Interiors Ltd
6.PacificPlan Construction & Engineering Ltd
7.PacificPlan Enterprise Ltd

PacificPlan Interiors Limited, PPI
PPI was created to suit the needs of the current market environment. Nowadays, most investors and developers consider timing, quality and economical efficiency as their crucial elements in developing their enterprise plan. On this basis, investment plans are exercised with utmost emphasis on the fundamental organization setup, such as recruiting professional agencies for scheduling, master planning and designing their project in terms of appearance, operation flows, and development direction. When the design and planning process is completed, the investors or developers require appropriate contractors to implement the practical works.

In meeting those needs, PPI provides an all in one package service. Not only from the perspective of technical issues, cost control and appearance for the client's different proposed plans, but PPI also provides the construction teams to work according to the stipulated specifications. PPI makes things tangible.

The basic management skeleton of PPI is composed by a team of professional personnels including Interior Designers, Project Managers, Electrical and Mechanical Engineers. The construction workers of PPI are divided into different subtrades like carpentry, metal works, plastering, glazing, masonry works, and so forth. PPI also has a factory doing the construction production in Dongguan with 80,000 sq.ft. We at PPI work towards the same goals to provide the best solution for our clients.

PPI is well equipped to handle different varieties of project natures. In the application of decorative materials, such as wall coverings, ceiling systems, sanitary wares, ironmongeries etc., PPI has easy access to suitable suppliers.

In addition, PPI provides full services in the electrical and mechanical field. This enables PPI 's products can be harmonically coordinated, for different aspects of geographical, environmental and hygienic concerns.

Apart from the Hong Kong 's market, PPI has also established a liaison office in Shanghai , PRC. This not only provides the communication channels for the projects in mainland China , but we can easily liaise with the local approved companies in generating business opportunities. PPI understands the work culture in the PRC. We are familiar with processing the work process according to the local ordinances for drawing submissions, tax requirements and materials import/export issues, and so on.

With the logical methodologies, PPI approaches a very wide range of clientele, including offices of oversea corporations, banks, retails, hotels and services apartments.

The Philosophy of PPI is to maintain the at most professional attitude towards clients. PPI always looks forward to growing with their clients as well as their cooperating partners.

PPI 's scope of services:

E Interior Design and Planning
E Project Management
E Building Refurbishment
E Furniture Manufacturing
E Electrical and Mechanical Works
E Signage Design and Construction
E Landscaping Design and Construction

PPI makes missions possible.